The O.M.R. Sanitary Unit #1 is a model of a fully autonomous sustainable bathroom, where a solar powered pump recycles waste into fresh water through a filtration system and into gas by a biodigester for powering a water heater.

This self enclosed ecosystem functions simultaneously as a contemporary human portrait and memento mori, and both a utopian and dystopian expose of production and consumption, where a basic skeletal structure made from black industrial wood sheets, vulgarly splattered with white paint and the O.M.R. smiley face, supports the guts of the system made from flesh like silicone tubes and everyday found sanitary ceramics.

O.M.R. is an acronym for Orsi Mani Rana (It. Bear Hands Frog) and can be seen as an equation to the human condition where the Bear Head represents first man’s fear, guilt and joy of death as our beginning trilogy of contradictory emotions, the Man hands as our quest for domination over mortality through technology, and the Frogs Legs as our chance to jump over perceptive, cognitive and physical horizons.