The Amateur Workshop is a result and synthesis of a series of exhibitions by Jerszy Seymour that explore the possibility of an ‘Amateur’ society (meaning lover, appassionato and non-professional as a way of being) using polycapralactone wax both as a construction material and as a metaphor for the creative energy in all people. Amateur Workshop is a non utopian way of discussing utopia, it is an idea of the every-topia. The Amateur Workshop comprises of three Workshop chairs made from easily available wood with connections in wax , a saw horse in the same construction, a saw, a pile of wood sticks and a concrete volcano which includes a heating plate and bain marie to heat a stock of wax. Vistors are invited to make what they want from the wood sticks and the freely available wax from the volcanos. The Workshop Chairs offer an inspiration of what can be made from the wood and wax, as well as a place for visitors to rest and contemplate what they could make. The ‘Amateur Workshop’ was first shown at Galeries de Galerie Lafayette in Paris 2010. The Workshop Chairs and Volcano were first developed for the exhibition ‘Coalition of Amateurs’ at the Mudam in Luxembourg in 2009.
‘The fulfilment of Production in the hands of the people’