New Dirty Enterprises is a service that creates support structures, logistics and situations for the integration and re-animation of life into everyday artificiality. The goal of New Dirty Enterprisesis the transformation of reality, vivid blue every-colour inhabitations of the planet and a multitude of happy endings through the understanding of the every-topia and the here now and easily available.
Comedy with its brother tragedy use all forms necessary; transgression, transcendence and revolution in order to profit from cracks and in-between spaces in the system and enlarge them. Humour and poetry are fundamental. Some representation is allowed for means of seduction. After one year of activities and research into the re-evolution of the human condition and the subsequent navigation of subjective social reality, New Dirty Enterprises presents: The First Annual Report-

Side A
1. 30´ (4´)
2. Orgasm of forces (4´)
3. A short history of transgressing horizons (4´)
4. The human condition : the beast possesses one or many souls and one language (4´)
5. You wanna get high (4´)
6. Zombie black holes (4´)
7. The boring reality of progress (4´)
8. Whoops I lost my god(e) (4´)

Side B
9. Welcome to the planet Orsimanirana (4´)
10. Anarchy as a rhythm (4´)
11. Alternative realities generator (4´)
12. Hot tub jazz allstars greatest hits = cheap op art sunset (4´)
13. Belly of the beast (4´)
14. Sysiphus on tour (4´)
15. Bear like, pool-side, junkies (4´)

A project by Jerszy Seymour with Travis Broussard, Victor Delestre, Olivier Lellouche,
Kerwin Rolland, Veronika Bjarsch, Yanik Balzer & David Kaltenbach. Additional texts by Raoul Zoellner.
Performed live at the Garage MU, 12th of December 2014 as part of the anticipation program of the Fondation Galeries Lafayette.


Mastering and mixing by Steffen Sennert in Berlin.
Vinyl Edition of 300 pieces.
A Belly of the Beast Production 2014/2015