The continual pressure of libidinal production, the continual joy and misery of creation, the continual search for meaning in the face of none,
one not only has to think of Sysiphus content in his punishment by the gods of continually pushing a rock up a mountain (because of trying to cheat 
the gods of death), one has to think of him as the greatest rock’n’roller of all time.

Amateur Workshop #5 Sysiphus on Tour is a meeting place for discussion and action. It is made up of a set of ‘hot electric void blue black’ tables 
and benches, three standing ‘hand as ultimate tool’ lamps, a rock speaker monolith, a stock of wood sticks and three volcanoes
that supply the wax for all to make and produce. Made from amateur wax as both a metaphor and physical connection between people things
and ideas, the installation can be configured in different ways depending on the situation.

 For the opening, the slide show ‘A General Theory of Design’ will be projected accompanied by a musical feedback piece called ‘Take me to Planet Orsomanirana’ 
that will compliment the sweating endeavours of visitors creating their desires with the hot wax. Cosmic Jelly Juice will be available to quench thirsts.