Extaversal Works, Office design for Galeria Plan B, Berlin

‘Exta – prefix meaning beyond, across, ecstatic, and in Roman antiquity, the internal organs from which the haruspices drew their auguries’

If the old universal could be criticised as an over rigid ideal, the attempt to a new universal or an ‘Extaversal’, could be seen as an open intersection between objective and subjective perspectives.

Extaversal Works is a living system and a straight forward functional design made from simple wooden sheets offering a useful working environment The planes for storage and support are painted in coloured gradients as a meeting place to the other and to the unknown, and the kitchen at its center as a space of conspiracy with our fleshy existence.

Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop with Veronika Bjarsch.
Painting: Markus Bjarsch
Carpentry: Holzwaerk
Photography: Trevor Good