Extra National Assembly #1 is an autonomous place for assembly to discuss what a society can be beyond nations located on the frontier pass above the Kloentalsee. Following the idea of the ‘Every-Topia’ (here, now and easily available) it is made from a simple wood construction however the distorted perspective serves at the same time to make it totally alien. From the outside it is signified by a ecstatic abstract painted pattern that contrasts with the romantic view, on the inside the same pattern becomes an infinite un-orientation whose purpose is to create a conceptual-perceptual unlimited horizon. The abstract pattern is underlayed by slices of reality revealed by the gaps in the planks, the construction language itself, and overlayed by the optic reality created by the sunlight through the gaps. This is an equation to possible realities.

Further new orientation is offered by a small round window that views towards the plankton breeding grounds in the north atlantic (an homage to the beginning of our existence in the primordial soup) , and another small round window pointing towards the fictional planet Orsomanirana (bears heads, man hands, frogs legs) an alternative reality that is not yet known. All are welcome, all can be rediscussed, and it is always possible to go outside.