New Dirty Enterprises is a service that creates support structures, logistics and situations for the integration and re-animation of life into everyday artificiality.
The goal of the New Dirty Enterprises is the transformation of reality, vivid blue evry-colour inhabitations of the planet and a multitude of happy endings through
the understanding of the every-topia and the here noe and easily available. Comedy with its brother tragedy use all forms necessary; transgression, transcendence
and revoltion in order to profit from the cracks and in-between spaces in the system and enlarge them. Humour and poetry are fundamental. Some representation
is allowed for means of seduction.

For the residence in nature with vaxjo konsthalle, New Dirty Enterprises presents A Treatise on Human Work and Property Rights, a laser light show tracing a
history of the beginning of work and property finally offering an alternative proposition from the perspective of the Neo Neanderthal, who has successfully
renegotiated the human condition of fear, joy and guilt in the face of mortality. The light show, including sound, is a continuous spectacle that runs over a week (month year?)
in the evenings in a quarry as both the beginnings of organised human work and the concept of property.

Energy Totems/Cosmic Jelly Distributors
As a result of the Treatise on Human Work and Property Rights, the New Dirty Enterprises proposes the creation of a multitude of Energy Totems/Cosmic Jelly Distributors
dotted around the landscape, that offer the basic human neccessities for the beginning of the new society based on independence, wandering and other results of the treatise.
Heat and cooking are offered by a wood burning stove, electricity by solar panels with 12v adaptors and usb, water by a rain collector, communication by cheap mobile phones offering wifi connection, a speaker with music by cosmic jelly fm, and a guide to collecting mushrooms and other somatic herbs. The Totems are made from everyday materials and easily available industrial elements with the body made from a rough cut chainsawed log as an abstract sculpture to urban reality. Just come with your tent and plug in. all the totems are different