‘SCUMCITYSKATE‘ Scum from the latin schiuma= bubbling or foaming Scum in english slang= froth, impure, dirt, the lowest of everything or of people.   Existence in the spicy primeval mulligatewny soup that is SCUM CITY SKATE. Populated with sweet sinners, sexy superheroes, elvis look alikes and the punk in all of us. This is where the battle between good and evil is undisguised. SCUM CITY SKATE represents the continuing experiment into Jerszy Seymour's  futuristic primordial material, SCUM, whos shape is controlled by the freestyle laws of physics, or as we prefer to see it, the god of scum. The process of  SCUM, as freestyle as the activity of skate, meets in an aesthetic without any dogmatic control, where the bubbling foam structure goes hand in hand with the feeling of grinding the trucks of your skate board over the coping and feeling every molecule as an individual, orgasmic and sometimes dangerous sensation. Keep relaxed and enjoy.