"We realise the neccessity to put everything in question, indeed we trust more in the questions than in the answers. It ist not utopia we are concerned in but with its question. Since with communism as a memory and capitalism collapsing around us it is a paradigmalshift of perspective that we need to renegotiate our relationship with the world around us and open existential potential and discuss life situation. We guide ourselves as children, illogical, irrational, but caring and compassionate. We climb the peaks of meanings and explore valleys of uncharted psychological states in wonder and excitement and some feeling of conspiracy. Where we get to is not as important as the journey we take. Viva la utopia!" The colour party was developed as one of the first projects during Jerszys "utopian research group" with students of HBK Saar. Looking to distance itself with the rational and controlling characteristic of the modernist project that resulted in communism and capitalism, the utopian research group opened itself to a process of questioning and an acceptance of irrationality as a neccessary guide to avoid old dogma. The first question therefore was "what is the most beautiful colour" and the colour party is a new kind of answer that opens the most exuberant part of peoples will to live. Starting with an empty space, (protected or unprotected), a grid of many different colour paints in open containers is positioned in the middle of the floor, and a psychological diagram of colours shows the make up of different utopias in reference to percentages of colour. For example 60% nazi brown and 40% Barbie pink make strangelove. Paint proof paper suits and shoe covers are provided at the entrance of the space. People are left free to enjoy. In case of any leaky suits access to a bathroom would be useful. Examples of the first colour parties are below, produced in the basement of the school. We of course imagine a higher quality installation for Nissan.   COLOUR PARTY Colour Party is an utopian expedition which makes it possible to experi­ence freedom and sensuality beyond social borders, using the medium co­lour. Colour Party is a necessary step to give people, paralyzed and bluntened by our prosperous society the option of infinite freedom, where chaos, humour, irrationality and relaxation play a major role. Colour Party is a serious aesthetical research and a socially needed ex­periment.