Amateur Workshop #6 A Perverts Guide to Design Following the series of Amateur Workshops by Jerszy Seymour, that explores the possibility of an 'Amateur' society (meaning lover, appassionato and non-professional as a way of being) and uses polycapralactone wax both as a libidinal construction material and as a metaphor for connecting things, people and ideas. The Amateur Workshop is a non-utopian way of discussing utopia. Amateur Workshop #6 A Perverts Guide to Design is set in a blue screen back drop that could be seen as the void or the place to project desires. It is filled with synthetically made raw materials as an explosion of proto tools (like the cambrian explosion of life forms), made from rough cut industrial chipboard painted in a multi-coloured splattered finish as a mediatic surface. If in pre-history, man’s first use of an object as a tool not made to be a tool, such as a stone a bone or a stick, could be seen as the invention of the concept of subjugation and slavery made possible through the human hand, Amateur Workshop #6 A Perverts Guide to Design positions the whole history of design as a form of perversion and as a reaction to dealing with the awareness of our mortality. The awareness of mortality is what sparks our primordial emotional conflict and subsequently the use of tools and representation to deal with this conflict. To pre-historic man, the awareness of mortality and the relationship to death and the animal where quite direct. Man feared death which other than by natural causes came by the animal in the dark night. He also felt guilt of death as he saw the animal, who was not aware of mortality, as more divine than himself but would kill the animal for sustinence. Finally he felt joy of death because by killing the animal he was in control of death. Today we have drones, few people kill their own animals to eat, but the emotional conflict continues, if so in a much more symbolic form. Amateur Workshop #6 A Perverts Guide to Design exists to position us in the middle of the conflict, to consume or to make, to kill or to watch, to use our hands or simply do nothing. The wax is available for all to construct their desires. Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop, 2016