The Primordial Cookbook is a guide book to the new world adventure. Neccessarily joyful and with humour, it understands the basic premise for human survival to be communication. The Primordial Cookbook is a place for the creation and sharing of fundamental existential values. The Primordial Cookbook is a proposal for a real life meta project, centered around the production, cooking, sharing and eating of food as one of the most vital existential individual necessities and socially bonding situations, it is a practical metaphor to whole life potential and utopic discussion. The Primordial Cookbook seeks liberation from unnecessary commodification, the opening of existential potential, and the release of flavour, libido and discussion. It is an aesthetic of the real sur real and the joy of all that is alive.   AIRDE WHERE-EVER BURGER Poetry and food for the pioneer The ‘Air de Where-ever Burger’ is a recipe for a Duchampian Hemingwayesque dinner made for mountain passes, under motorway flyovers and rocky outcrops. The ‘Air de Where-ever Burger’ is a series of plans and recipes on how to make cooking tools, dinning table and seating, and food from found objects and what is around. Different plans are made with different recipes for individuals to different size groups. Rejecting the modernist ‘Utopia’ or the ‘no place’ as the the top down idealist vision and the post modern escape to Focaults ‘Heterotopia’ or ‘other place’, the ‘Air de Where-ever Burger’ is and idea and poetic vision of the ‘every place’, the Everytopia.