Using the volcano as a metaphor for the human psyche, with the chance for release of the subconscious libidinal and instinctual forces of the Id over the controlling forces of the Ego and Super Ego, Jerszy Seymour considers our relationship to the built world, the natural world, to other people and ourselves by the creation of life situations. As part of a series of projects that considers the potential of the amateur (meaning lover, appassionato and non-professional as a way of being) using polycapralactone wax both as a construction material and as a metaphor for the creative energy in all people. (Anti-) Social Volcano as a paradox of the prehistoric and contemporary and on investigation into the idea of progress, offers some easily available materials, wood sticks and bones from the beginning of time and chalk spray and wax as a primitive artificiality from our contemporary period. Hunter, Farmer, Thinker: poured from the source and the same as the source, the (Anti-) Social Volcano is everybody and it invites everybody to participate.